CHORUS MM Philosophy

CHORUS MM stands for Chorus 2000 - for innovative choral- and cultural work in the 21st century. CHORUS MM is a non profit, independant dynamic society, not aligned with any political or religious group, but seeking dialogue and cooperation with other choral federations and associations.

Purpose & Goals of CHORUS MM

The association CHORUS MM has been founded in the year 1998, with the goal to develop and encourage cultural exchange between people and nations from all over the world. In 1999 the first CANTUS MM Festival took place in Salzburg. What started with three participating groups, extended in quality and quantity throughout the years.


Basic goals of CHORUS MM are to provide sound musical knowledge, develop musical abilities, promote musical talents and improve musical practices as well as to call the attention of the public to valuable new aspects of choir singing.


The society's object is to reveal the beauty of music to the youth, to awaken a sense of community and to bring about a meeting of the generations in song and dialogue.

Who is behinD CHORUS MM

A young and enthusiastic team of various professions.