InternationalFestival for Music Groups and Choirs

Music - the most important language of the world - connects people from every continent. For four days the Gastein Valley will be the center of music and culture. We invite you to join us and we are looking forward to meeting you.

Montana:Musica Brochure
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Dear friends of the music, dear friends of the mountains,


there is hardly another country where the sounds of music resonate with the sounds of nature as impressively and at the same time as romantically as in Austria.

After having successfully conducted our International Cantus MM Music& Culture in the city of Salzburg for 20 years, in 2018 it was time for our society to redefine this singular union with a second festival. Montana:Musica is the outcome of years and years of intense and affectionate work with musicians, singers and dancers from all over the world.

A spontaneous idea grew into a concept and the concept into a festival, an international festival of music in the natural surroundings of the alpine world of Salzburg.

We would like to invite you to this extraordinary experience, this powerful combination of music and nature. You and your choir and music groups resp. can be part of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of international voices and sounds.


'Music unites' – this slogan is more than just words, for music really unites people. It is not possible to imagine any culture, any nation without music. Music is communication, a link across borders, it is the expression of joy and sorrow. Only music can really express feelings and reach people, no matter how different or distant they are. Melodies go straight to the heart.

And now imagine you are looking up to the mountain tops of the Gastein Valley. From rustic Alpine cabins music resounds that touches the soul and warms the heart, accompanied by the rushing of the crystal-clear water of the nearby mountain torrent and the low whistling of the fir trees when the autumn wind softly causes their boughs to dance. That is Montana:Musica.


I am looking forward to welcoming you in the Gastein Valley.


With best wishes

Arthur Arh

President CHORUS MM